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Prof Dr

Giovanni Stellin

Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon

1975 Externship Public Health hospital New York

1976 ECFMG Nostrification in USA

1977- 1979 Resident general Surgey in Staten Island Hospital(Downstate

University) New York,USA

1979-1980 Senior Resident Cardiovascular Surgery Childern Hospital,Harvard University,Boston,USA

1982 Graduation in General Surgery

1984 Graduation in CardiacSurgery

1982-1984 Chief Registrar Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne University,Australia

14 nov1985 Assistant of Prof V.Gallucci in 1st HEART TRANSPLANT in Italy

1988 Assistant of Prof V.Gallucci in 1st INFANT HEART TRANSPLANT in Italy

1990 Qualification as head physician

1991 Head of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Unit of cardioVascular Instut Padua,Italy

2002 Director of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and Congenital heart disease

1991-1994 Professor CardiacSurgery University of Medicine and Surgery Padua, Italy

1993 President of Society of Pediatric Cardiovascular surgery “AR Castaneda

1998 Secretary of European Congenital Heart surgeons Association ECHSA

2001 Associate Professor Cardiac Surgery University of Medicine and Surgery Padua,Italy

2004 - Humanitarian relief Hospital Mekane-Howet Asmara,Eritrea

2009 Humanitarian relief Makassed Hospital Gerusalemme,Palestina

2004-2007 Councillor Association for European Pediatric Cardiology AEPC

2004-2008 President of European Congenital Heart Surgeons Association ECHSA

2005 VicePresident of World Society for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery

2011 Humanitarian relief University of Kathmandudal

2011 Full professor Cardiac Surgery MED23,University Padua,Italy

2011-2014 Presidente della “ World Society for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery (WSPCHS)

2015 Humanitarian relief University Tirana

1991 Head of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery of Cardiovascular Institute University of Padua, Italy

Center with more than 300 surgery procedure/ year of congenital heart disease most of them in

neonatal period and correction of early onset complex CHD

5000 surgical procedure as 1st operator

Developed new correction of Tetralogy of Fallot with reconstruction of pulmonic valve

without ventriculotomy

Developed technique of correction for Congenital Heart Disease with mini invasive approach

Developed program of correction of CHD in adult and done many research and scientific works

Co-Author of 2 important European Project of decellularized heart valve


Dr Bruno Murzi

Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon

1979 Medical School degree University of Pisa

1986 Cardiac and Vascular Surgery degree University of Bologna

1993 Emergency Medicine and Surgery University of Siena

1996-1999 Assistant of Head Department Pediatric Cardiac Surgery San

Donato Milanese​

1999-2003 Vice Director pediatric Cardiac Surgery of G.Pasquinucci


2003-2019 Director of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Department of

G.Pasquinucci Hospital,Massa

2006-2017 President of Pediatric group of Italian Society of Cardiac Surgery

2009-2019 Director of Pediatric Department of Fondazione Toscana


1982 Externship The Hospital of Children Tutor Dr Marc De Level

2007 Cooperation with Tracheal pediatric Suregry Department with 83

surgery procedure of tracheoplasty

1983-1984 Membership of NationalGroup for research of Bioprosthesis

1994 Head of Research Group Thyroid hormones e pulmonary bypass


Italian Society of cardiac surgery

Advisor Italian society of cardiac Surgery

President of Italian Society of Pediatric cardiac Surgery



Surgical procedure : more than 3000


Dr Nadia Assanta


She works in Pediatric Cardiology Department

Ospedale del Cuore- G.Monasterio Foundation- Massa, Italy since 1999.

She Performs prenatal and postnatal echocardiographic diagnosis and check surgical result in operating theater.

Manages the patient with congenital heart disease from fetal to adult age.

 From July 2014 to December 2018 she was the referring physician of the Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Ward.

 From December 2018 she is Director of Pediatric and Congenital Adult Cardiac Pathology Unit

She performed mission abroad for congenital cardiac surgery since 2002


  Dr Riccardo Moschetti     Anetshesiology&Reanimation

1978 Specialized in Anesthesiology and ICU

1980-19980 Anesthesiology and Reanimation Cardiac Surgery,Massa

1990 2018 Anesthesiology and ICU Ospedale Apuano Massa


Albania, Croatia, Yemen,Eritrea,Birmania,Cambogia,Tunisia,Egitto

Procedure performed during the Mission more than 2000


Dr Shkelzen Muriqi


Specialized in Anesthesilogy and ICU

2003-2004 Master in Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia – Universita di Pisa, Inernacional school – Bergamo.

2003 – 2005 Ospedale Infantile ``Regina Margherita `` and San Giovani Battista , Tourin, Italy Pediatric and Adult Cardiac Anesthesia and ICU for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

2005 – 2007 Fellow Cardic Anesthesia Adult and Pediatric Ospedale “San Donato”Milano, Italy

2010-2020 Cardiac Anesthesia Prishtina Kosovo.

Continues/ University Clinic of Kosovo, Chef of Cardiac Anesthesia.​

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